Grim Hill Books

The Secret of Grim Hill


Winner of the Silver Birch Award

Cat Peters just transferred to Darkmont High and is already desperate to get out. When she hears that Grimoire, the private school nearby, is offering scholarships to the winners of a Halloween soccer match, Cat jumps at the chance.Her little sister, Sookie, and their bookworm neighbor try to tell her there’s something … just not right about the old school on the hill, and their worries are confirmed when they uncover a mystery about an entire soccer team that disappeared many years ago.

Further investigation leads Cat to a book about ancient Celtic myth and fairy lore, and she soon realizes that there is something truly wicked at work inside the walls of Grimoire.

ISBN 9781772030754

Grim Hill: The Secret Deepens


After a soul-shaking Halloween, things have finally gotten back to normal for Cat Peters.

Now the big drama in her life isn’t a battle against diabolical fairies, but a battle of the sexes on the soccer field. Meanwhile, ever since escaping her imprisonment in Grim Hill, Cat’s little sister Sookie has only been interested in one thing: magic.

When the aspiring conjurer takes her discoveries too far, it is up to Cat to set things straight. Can she really bear to return to the dreaded Grim Hill for a final confrontation with the powerful beings that dwell there?

ISBN 9781772030952

Grim Hill: The Forgotten Secret


In the third instalment of Grim Hill when, during the season of romance, an easterly fairy wind blows through town.

For months our heroine, Cat Peters, has been wishing to live the normal life of a thirteen-year-old, and finally things seem to be going her way. She has once again helped her town escape the evil clutches of Fairy, and now she can’t wait to turn her attention from magic to the upcoming dance.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so it seems only natural that Cat’s friends, her sister, and even her soccer coaches have all been captivated by romance. But don’t be fooled!

Valentine hearts, charming decorations, and high school dances can have a sinister side in this town. ISBN  9781772031010

Grim Hill: The Family Secret


In the fourth instalment of Grim Hill, Cat, Clive, Jasper, and the rest of the crew are back, and everyone is buzzing about Darkmont High’s student exchange to Sweden.For Cat it means hanging out with her friends in a foreign country, traveling without parents, and not having to keep an eye on her clingy kid sister. Even though Sookie’s magical meddling seems to be in check, Cat has been wishing for a break from the constant worry of living near Grim Hill. After all that she’s been through, Cat knows to be careful what she wishes for.

In this spellbound town, nestled in the shadow of Grim Hill, wishes have a tendency to turn against you. But this time, she isn’t wishing for anything in this town; she is wishing to get out of it – that has to be safe, right?

ISBN 9781772031041

Grim Hill: Forest of Secrets


When Cat and her friends are taken hostage and find themselves stranded in Headless Valley, it’s clear they will need a miracle to get back home.

Although they find an abandoned cabin for shelter, their supply of food and water is running out fast, their kidnappers are hot on their heels, and a sinister threat lurks in the loft of the cabin.

Cat has to make an impossible choice – risk the group’s chances of survival, or risk her sister, who may be able to summon help using her magical skills.

But if Sookie opens the door to Fairy, what will be the cost?

ISBN 9781772031409

Grim Hill: Carnival of Secrets


In this thrilling Grim Hill climax, Cat has lost everything she holds dear. Sookie has gone over to dark magic and is a diabolical threat. A sinister carnival has crept into town and has everyone under its thrall. Only Cat’s fairy friend Lea thinks there might be a sliver of hope that all the harm can be undone. But even she quakes at the danger. Still, Cat is determined to do whatever it takes, except this time even the gang isn’t prepared for the most harrowing adventure of all. Has Cat gone too far?

ISBN 9781772031430